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Digital Banking

Digital Banking Software Solutions & Platform

In today’s times, having a digital banking solution that provides seamless services across all devices thereby minimizing development costs and maintenance is highly crucial. Every bank needs a safe solution offering a consistent experience across the channels.

Arttha’s digital banking platform supports digital transformation by simplifying human interactions across all points in the digital and physical worlds.

Traditional Banking

Digital Banking

We are here to help you get rid of the age-old, complicated and time-consuming procedures by:

Transforming Customer Experience:

Engaging customers in the most convenient way throughout their financial journeys.

Designing New Services and Products Quickly:

Fast deployments can be done easily by using pre-built and reusable components.

Guaranteeing Compliance by Location:

Meeting specific needs by combining global and standard applications with local variations.

Becoming an Open Bank:

Boosting innovation by taking advantage of existing ecosystems while connecting beyond organizational limits.

The Digital Banking Platform Offering

All banks can make use of Arttha Platform’s business components for creating a digital-only bank that can help build processes and then expand them everywhere.

It is a superb online banking software offering the following services:

  • Cost Optimization
  • Real-time Interaction
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • New Revenue Streams

Unbelievable Capabilities of Arttha’s Digital Banking Platform

Delivering Quick Business Value:

Arttha is an open banking platform that can be used for facilitating digital transformation and creating quick business value.

Driving Quick Digital Transformation:

Process-driven approach enables digital transformation which is extended to the value chain across industry segments, further improving overall productivity.

Arttha’s Digital Banking Solution for Financial Services

Plagued by legacy systems, banks today rely on different solutions to cater to the increasing customer demands, growing regulations, new banking competition, and cost pressures. The Arttha platform has built multiple capabilities to help you to succeed in the emerging landscape of services, businesses and hyper-connected people.

Arttha’s digital banking is an enterprise-wide digital banking solution provider that enables the banks to provide the customers with flexible and convenient management of their finances everywhere.

It offers multiple features for banks like

  • Self-Registration with paperless onboarding
  • Seamless Integration with existing core banking systems
  • Secure experience with Multi-Factor authentication via OTP, PIN, Biometric, etc
  • Single interface to manage all accounts and transactions
  • Support for multiple channels and API Banking
  • Multi-Lingual Mobile App
  • Support for multiple transactions like deposit, withdrawal, etc
  • Card services etc
  • Cardless ATM withdrawals

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