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Arttha’s digital wallet platform is a robust and proven digital wallet solution trusted by a number of banks and financial institutions across the globe. It provides an end to end wallet management solution, enabling a business to launch a digital wallet offering for its end customers. The solution provides multiple use cases for different types and segments of users including customers, merchants, billers, agents, etc.

Arttha’s comprehensive and highly configurable feature set is perfectly geared to enable the banks and payment industry to serve their customers better and help them lead the customer satisfaction curve.

Cash Payments

Digital Payments

The highly parameterized platform enables businesses to serve these users by launching their new and fast products and services, thereby staying relevant in the ever-changing dynamic industry with changing customer behavior, preferences and newer business models.

The platform provides multiple revenue streams that provide the true value for money by providing offerings like agency banking, loyalty exchange, marketplace offers, remittances, vouchers, payment acceptance, etc in addition to digital wallets.

Digital wallets provide an omnichannel experience and convenience to customers, allowing them to make purchases and payments from their phones, be it smartphones or feature phones. A digital wallet can also be used to store loyalty card information, digital coupons and also cryptocurrencies.

It will simplify transaction processing tactics for consumers, hence giving businesses that use this technology a competitive edge in the market. Users will be able to deal with purchases in mere seconds with just a tap or scan of their mobiles.

Wondering who all can be using the digital wallet & how does it work?

The solution can be used by banks, financial institutions, payment service providers, etc looking to provide a digital wallet solution or digitize the payments.

No matter what form it takes, a digital wallet is a multicurrency stored value account that substitutes your old, analog wallet during monetary transactions. You’ll benefit from the protection and convenience and can remain more protected against fraud cases.

Arttha’s digital wallet platform will help you pay for stuff and also store your concert tickets, bus and subway passes, and gift cards. Retailers will reward your loyalty by offering instant cashback, discounts, and coupons.

What do we offer?

Our Digital Wallet Platform provides multiple features like:

  • P2P Money Transfers
  • Bill Payments
  • Merchant Payments (also via NFC or QR Codes)

  • Movie, ticket and event bookings
  • Cardless ATM withdrawals
  • Lending
  • Bulk Payouts
  • Remittances

Why Rely On Arttha’s Digital Wallet Solutions?


The platform provides Bank-grade GUI. It is a secure solution with machine learning based algorithms for risk and fraud prevention and multifactor authentication via biometric, soft tokens etc.


Arttha provides omnichannel experience to their customers, allowing them to perform transactions on multiple channels like Mobile, Web, SMS, USSD, ATM, Kiosk, etc.

Open API:

With over 100 out of the box APIs available, Arttha ensures that the Banking and Payment services can be provided over multiple channels.


Arttha is horizontally as well as vertically scalable. It provides reliability through its failproof cloud-ready architecture with minimal hardware footprint.

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