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Arttha’s agent banking solution enables banks to deploy agents who can extend banking services to the unbanked in remote areas with no access to bank branches and triggers Financial Inclusion. The solution offers the flexibility and agility necessary for servicing remotely working customers by enabling last mile Banking connectivity.

Arttha’s agent banking solution is an exceptionally secure and robust asset for the banking industry. Banks can integrate the agent banking solution with existing banking infrastructure, mobile and data networks, and payment gateways. With this agent banking solutions, bank customers, agents, and staff can securely and easily access banking services using their mobile handset from anywhere, anytime. Banks can create, manage, and sustain nxn agent hierarchy network with Arttha’s agent banking solution. It enables banks to realize and sustain the ROI of the agents and MFS business.

Arttha’s Agent Banking Solution Capabilities for

Financial Services Provider

  • Additional revenue stream
  • New customer acquisition
  • Upsell other services to the acquired customers


  • Transactions in assisted mode
  • The convenience of depositing and withdrawing money from wallet account
  • Banking for the unbanked


  • Increased revenues with additional business offerings
  • Increased sales from additional walk-ins
  • Secure Transactions

Why Choose Arttha’s Agent Banking Solution?

Cost Effective

Roll out and deploy agent networks at a fast pace and experience lower operational costs with Arttha agent banking solution. Banks experience reduced infrastructure, set up, acquisition and running costs

Secure Solution

Arttha agent banking solution is reliable point-to-point encryption to safeguard all transactions. Controlled access to services for agents at different levels. Secured experience for banks with Multi-Factor Authentication

Loan Origination, Collection, and Distribution

Easily capture loan applications in the field and enable easier loan repayments at trusted agents. Real-time information of customers.

Facilitate Customer Onboarding

Streamlined process of customer onboarding with eKYC management. Agent assisted banking services like account opening.

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