Banks need to Be Digital First as Customers Convert to Omni-Digital Customers

A new set of omni-channel customers are emerging in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 Situation. According to PWC research, 46% of [...]

Digital Customer Onboarding takes a Center-Stage, as Banking Customers demand Ease amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Customer onboarding in the financial services industry is one of the first experiences a user gets, which either creates a compelling and [...]

Banking Analytics Trends to Watch Out in 2020!

Data has become the new science and the driving force for the growth of every industry, including financial institutions. The banking industry [...]

COVID-19 – Uncertainty Looms Over the Banking Industry! What Banks Should be Doing?

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to emerge as the gravest challenge for the banking industry in nearly a century. As the economic [...]

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends Shaping the Fate of Future Banks

The banking industry is changing swiftly due to the growing penetration of new digital technologies, rapidly changing and rising consumer expectations, and […]

Ways Banks Can Leverage Opportunities Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

While the world continues to bear the brunt of COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and isolation are leading to augmented contactless payments and […]

Fintech- The Only Survival Bet for Asian and African Banks

The Banking Industry is ripening at a rapid pace in the West. However, several parts of the world such as Asia and [...]

Top 5 Trends Shaping Banking in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is Settling In With banking gone digital, AI has started playing a key role in the evolution of digital banking. […]

The Future is Open- A True Digital Experience with Open Banking!

Banks are on their way to becoming fully digital and in providing a truly immersive and digital experience, however the journey is [...]

Why Digital Banking Platform is the Best Launchpad to Success for Banks?

In the increasingly competitive banking industry, maintaining your place, enhancing customer experience and reducing costs have been the key challenges for the [...]

How Digital Customer Onboarding is going beyond being an Add On?

“38% of customers consider UX as the key criterion when choosing a digital bank,” finds Deloitte. No matter how amazing the functionality [...]

Microfinance Market Poised to Reach Over US$602.9 MN by 2025

Future looks bright for Microfinance Industry! Go aboard with Arttha’s Microfinance Software System Microfinance is an industry that has steadily evolved from the [...]

Top Trends Altering The Customer Experience In Banking

Saying that competition is tight in the Banking Industry would just be an understatement. Do you know what is the secret ingredient [...]

Why Traditional Banks Can’t Compete In The Digital World

Digital has become the new normal. Where traditional Financial Institutions have failed, the FinTech’s are succeeding. Traditional banks can compete in today’s [...]

Core Banking: A Seamless Banking Solution For Your Clients

We are looking out for a major technological revolution in the banking industry. In this era of digitization, most banks are choosing [...]

Open Banking- Enabling Innovation in Banking

Several recent reports by Deloitte state that the dynamics of Financial Banking are changing at a super-fast speed. The emergence of newer [...]

Enabling banking services for the unbanked

Statistics show that only around a quarter of households in developing nations have financial savings with formal banking institutions. That's quite alarming [...]

Changing Digital Landscape: The case of Central Bank issued Digital Currency

Author: Manan Jain Introduction Our world is undergoing a rapid transformation under the impetus of new and disruptive digital technologies. Digitalization is [...]

Optimizing Banking Experience in a Digital World

Various banks struggle to provide experience across channels, touchpoints, and devices which needs a seamless connectivity from front-to-back office. Several challenges such [...]

Bringing Banking to the People – Financial Inclusion

According to a research, almost around 2.5 billion adults live in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. Now, more financial services […]

Microfinance: Past, Present & Future

The low-income individuals or unemployed people are sometimes in need of financial help but due to weak economic status, have no access […]

Emerging technologies in Digital Banking

Technological innovations in banking continue to transform all financial sectors, and this will explosively grow in the next five years. Biometrics and […]

Blockchain, a Breakthrough in Digital Wallet

With the worldwide increase in the adoption of Bitcoin, another major term that has earned recognition is Blockchain. Being a very restricted […]

Five factors to consider while selecting right fintech platform for your business

The penetration of Internet to the remotest of areas of the globe along with the rising number of smart phone sales, has […]

Top 5 Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018

Have you noticed how CEOs, entrepreneurs and average people are all getting excited about Fintech? This is because of the potential embedded […]

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