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Changing Digital Landscape: The case of Central Bank issued Digital Currency

April 10, 2019, Author: Guest Blogger

Author: Manan Jain Introduction Our world is undergoing a rapid transformation under the impetus of new and disruptive digital technologies. Digitalization is [...]


Optimizing Banking Experience in a Digital World

November 26, 2018, Author: admin

Various banks struggle to provide experience across channels, touchpoints, and devices which needs a seamless connectivity from front-to-back office. Several challenges such [...]


Bringing Banking to the People – Financial Inclusion

October 3, 2018, Author: admin

According to a research, almost around 2.5 billion adults live in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. Now, more financial services […]


Microfinance: Past, Present & Future

July 26, 2018, Author: admin

The low-income individuals or unemployed people are sometimes in need of financial help but due to weak economic status, have no access […]


Emerging technologies in Digital Banking

July 26, 2018, Author: admin

Technological innovations in banking continue to transform all financial sectors, and this will explosively grow in the next five years. Biometrics and […]


Blockchain, a Breakthrough in Digital Wallet

June 13, 2018, Author: admin

With the worldwide increase in the adoption of Bitcoin, another major term that has earned recognition is Blockchain. Being a very restricted […]


Five factors to consider while selecting right fintech platform for your business

May 18, 2018, Author: Guest Blogger

The penetration of Internet to the remotest of areas of the globe along with the rising number of smart phone sales, has […]


Top 5 Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018

May 17, 2018, Author: Guest Blogger

Have you noticed how CEOs, entrepreneurs and average people are all getting excited about Fintech? This is because of the potential embedded […]

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