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Core Banking Software Solutions

Statistics show that around 80% of small banks, cooperative banks, rural banks, and Non-banking financial companies run on manual processes and are not exposed to the advantages of core banking solutions. Sticking to the manual processes of yesteryear involves very little flexibility, high maintenance cost and inability to cope up with the exponential growth in volumes brought up by digitization. For this, banks need a real-time integrated platform that can provide scalability, real-time customer information, zero risks, and extremely low maintenance cost.

However, over the next 40 years, most banks will choose to create a Centralized Online Real-time Exchange or Environment (CORE) to manage their operations, thus giving rise to core banking.

Manual Processes

Digitized Processes

With unparalleled expertise in delivering these solutions in the emerging markets, Arttha has achieved a thorough understanding of the organizational requirements along with the strategic objectives. We have been continuously investing our efforts in upgrading Arttha’s core banking software solutions. This ensures that our customers take a forward leap in the market.

The core banking system yields some major benefits like:

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Minimizes human intervention; limits errors
  • Provides real-time banking facilities thereby preventing frauds and thefts
  • Simplifies the decision-making process through reporting and analytics
  • Responsible for the competent internal staff
  • Enables banking-as-a-service
  • Allows banks to integrate their products and services with third-party applications
  • Offline tablet application allows doorstep banking by field agents in remote areas
  • Group saving and group lending products for microfinance operations, promoting financial inclusion

How Arttha’s Core Banking software gets delivered?

Arttha brings you a choice and an experience to help you with your system migration, boasting a wide range of system consulting and system integration.

Our system can be deployed on shared infrastructure, or on a range of hardware platforms, along with lowering the costs of infrastructure.

This system is used for building and migrating strategies, and it automatically reduces risk and speedy uptime.

It enables multiple new delivery channels like ATM, Mobile, Internet, USSD, etc.

Arttha’s Core Banking solution provides a wide range of banking operations, and it is designed to be a multi-tenant, multi-currency platform with a customizable interface. This end-to-end solution draws on Arttha’s domain expertise in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.

It offers the following modules:

Financial Products like Savings, Deposits, etc.


Loan Lifecycle


Reconciliation and Settlement

Case Studies

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