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Arttha’s digital banking solution empowers banks to create highly differentiated virtual banking experiences and seamlessly respond to the ever-evolving digital needs of their consumers. Strengthen your digital relationship with customers by building tightly integrated digital touchpoints and drive lucrative consumer engagements. Move fast in the digital era with the trusted, flexible, and future-proof digital banking solution by Arttha.

Get A Digital Edge in Banking with Arttha!

Arttha enables banks to provide a digital experience to their customers by providing easily accessible banking services of choice from the comfort of their homes. Arttha’s configurable platform seamlessly integrated with the existing legacy systems allowing them to launch innovative products and services to meet the growing demand of the customers. Arttha lowers the cost of banking with the Digital-only banks powered by its unified fintech platform.  The platform enables increased profitability besides providing an experience beyond the traditional branch banking. It also adds value in the entire ecosystem with open API Banking, allowing banks to collaborate with the fintech players, cultivating an interoperable ecosystem of innovation around customer data.

What makes Arttha’s Digital Banking Solution Irresistible for Banks


Collection of KYC data through registration functions & straight-through authentication in case of Authentication database availability.

Omnichannel Experience

Enables banks to deliver a modern customer experience across different channels and create a deeper and more personalized engagement.

On-boarding Confirmation

Empowers banks to offer account creation and notification to customers through preferred channels of communication.

Self Registration

Multi-channel ability to register for new products, enhancing customer experience and generating long-term loyalty.

Approval Workflows

Configurable maker-checker workflow with defined rules for straight-through processing.

Document Upload and Management

Instant upload of documents through camera/ scanning tools with limited-OCR capabilities built-in.

Why Choose Arttha’s Digital Banking Solution?

Digital-only Banks

Automated workflows and paperless onboarding allow banks to launch digital-only banking.

Card-less ATM

Innovative feature allowing card-less ATM withdrawals.

ATM-based Remittances

Allows a user to send money to the recipient as well as receive money instantaneously at a nearby ATM.

Muti Tenancy

Facilitates financial institutions to avail financial services on a hosted model.

API Banking

Open APIs enable banks to integrate their products and services with third-party applications.

SMS Banking

Unique SMS channel allows a mobile app to be used without mobile data using underlying SMS channel.

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