Functional Features of Arttha

Functional Features


'arttha' empowers businesses to provide multiple product offerings and additional business lines:

Bulk Payments

‘arttha’ platform enables disbursing salary payments, government direct benefit transfers, or various other G2P or B2C transactions in bulk


‘arttha’ platform enables cross currency domestic and international money transfers, either in self or in assisted mode via agents

Bill Presentment

‘arttha’ platform allows uploading of bills and management of bills and billers, also facilitating providing biller aggregation services to others

Loyalty Management

‘arttha’ platform acts a loyalty exchange platform capable of managing multiple types of loyalty points and facilitates interconversion

Payment Aggregation

‘arttha’ provides payment aggregation services, facilitating acceptance of payments via different payment instruments

Gift Cards and Vouchers

Create and launch Gift Cards or Vouchers for different scenarios like meal vouchers, E-Com gift cards etc.


Configure features, business rules, and services as per your Business needs

User Management

For managing and serving your customers with a delightful experience, ‘arttha’ allows seamless onboarding with customer segmentation and user lifecycle management

Accounts Management

On the fly creation of multi-currency accounts at customer or organization level, as per GL accounting

Loans and savings

Create different financial products like loans, savings, deposits for groups or individuals

Voucher Management

Create and issue vouchers as a new product offering for your customers with complete voucher lifecycle management

Loyalty Management

Greater customer retention by enabling customers to earn and redeem loyalty points, and hosting multiple types of loyalty points for multiple retailers

Device Management

For managing the lifecycle of your device inventory from procurement to end of life, along with a search engine to track and manage your inventory

Field and Form Management

On the fly creation of forms for various business services and processes with maker-checker functionality, along with user-defined dynamic fields for forms and business services

Card Management

Issuance of companion card linked to the account, along with complete card lifecycle management

Document Management

A hassle-free and completely paperless experience for your customers for KYC, Loan servicing or other needs
Communication Engine – Reach out to your customers with latest offers and promotions with SMS, Email and in-app notifications

Reporting and Analytics

Better monitoring and tracking of business and meeting of regulatory compliances with out of the box reports and dashboards

Risk and Fraud Management

A secure solution with inbuilt checks and validations at account and transaction levels for compliances with local regulations

Communication Engine

Reach out to your customers with latest offers and promotions with SMS, Email and in-app notifications


'arttha' helps businesses attain sustainability with multiple avenues of revenue generation

Financial Transaction Charges

A configuration of slab-based service charge for the transactions, as fixed or percentage type

Non-Financial Transaction Charges

Configuration of service charges for service requests

Account Charges

Account subscription charges for hosting of accounts

Payment Services

Offer platform’s payment, banking and financial services to other institutions on a hosted model


'arttha' helps businesses attain sustainability with multiple avenues of revenue generation

ATM based Remittances

arttha’s award-winning ATM based remittance feature allows a user to send money to a recipient and allowing him to receive money instantaneously at a nearby ATM

SMS channel based mobile app

arttha’s unique SMS channel for mobile app allows a mobile app to be used without mobile data using underlying SMS channel, providing a consistent user experience across channels

Why 'arttha'?

Faster GTM

Out of the box configurable features allowing quick launch

User Experience

Seamless omni-channel experience for customer delight

Converged Platform

A single unified fintech solution for all your business needs

Open APIs

Creating an ecosystem for greater adoption and interoperability

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