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Loan Management

Take your Loan Management Lifecycle up a notch!

Arttha’s loan management system helps businesses digitize the complete loan lifecycle end to end, from identifying prospective customers, eligibility checking, loan application, documents upload, loan processing, loan disbursement, loan repayments, and loan closures. Arttha’s loan management solution is an API based offering with on the fly product configuration, personalized loan offers, pre-approved loans, and promotion configuration.

End-to-End Loan Management System

Arttha’s loan management solution is a scalable system that gives banks and financial institutions the efficiency required to lend responsibly. Enables financial institutions to treat their customers fairly whilst helping to drive competitive advantage. Arttha’s loan management solution is a next-generation solution built on a next-generation unified fintech platform.

What makes Arttha’s Loan Management System so compelling?

Loan Products

Arttha’s loan management system enables the creation of multiple loan products, loan collection sheet creation, and loan repayment schedule calculator so that financial institutions never skip any important number.

Loan Configuration

Arttha’s loan management solution ensures a loan is handled well with multiple interest calculation methods, configurable loan repayment frequency, and interest on overdue interest / principal.

Loan Attributes

Arttha’s loan lifecycle management system covers all the loan management attributes like Rebate Management, Grace period Management, Different Grace Types and categories, Penalties Management, and Loan Fee Management

Loan Management

Makes the entire loan management process easy with document management, collateral management, multiple collateral types, loan restructuring, workflows for loan approvals, and loan loss provisioning.

Advanced Features

The tech-driven suite of Arttha’s loan lifecycle management solution includes revolving loans, balloon payments, configurable computation methods (viz. equal installments, equal principal installment, flat interest, etc.) & no-interest period.

Why Choose Arttha’s Loan Management Solution?

The core modules of Arttha’s loan lending management solution makes it stand apart from the rest.

Loan Application Capture

  • Data entry, Digital application capturing and digital document upload
  • Verification and Valuation
  • eKYC, Customer Demographic information
  • Configurable Maker checker workflow
  • Loan ApprovalLoan Disbursement

Loan Management

  • Regulatory-compliant, Individual loan products, and Loan Repayments
  • Configuration of Loan products such as Revolving Credit, Balloon Payment, etc.
  • Configurable interest rates, EMI Computations, repayment period & frequency, Configurable fee, penalties, charges, etc.
  • Loan Disbursement via multiple modes and Loan write-offs and Appraisals
  • Seamless Delinquency Management

User and Role Management

  • Administrators, Agents, customers, back-end admins / approvers, etc.
  • Multiple role support
  • Role-based permissions, Role-based access to channels, and Role-based security
  • Multi-factor authentication per role
  • Maker / Checker roles

Alert and Notifications

  • SMS and email alerts
  • Search alerts
  • Alert preferences management
  • Individual and Bulk Notifications
  • Instant notification for every transaction

Document Management

  • Document version control
  • Search
  • Permissions
  • Multi-format document storage
  • Verification and approval process

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