Technical Features of Arttha

Technical Features


Cloud-ready architecture with a small hardware footprint

Horizontal as well as vertically scalable

Start small and scale as per the business growth

Small hardware footprint

Grow from a single server solution to geographically redundant and distributed sites

Cloud-ready architecture

Virtualized Server deployment

Multi-Tenant architecture

A single application and database instance to host multiple organizations


PCI DSS ready with Bank-grade security, conforming to OWASP guidelines

PCI DSS ready solution
CISA and OWASP compliance
Inbuilt ‘Sentry’ tool for checking malicious requests
3DES, AES based encryption
Multi-Factor Authentication with biometric, OTP, PIN, Password etc.
Device Fingerprinting
SSL Certificates, IP/Port checks
Authentication and Authorization


Manage multiple deployments through a single instance

A single instance of application serving multiple organizations
Customization of business services, business rules, User Interface, Reports etc. for tenants
Logical isolation of each tenant’s data and information
A committed share of the instance for each tenant


Enjoy the ease of operations management

System Health Monitoring

Tracking of the CPU and memory utilization, number of incoming requests, throughput, latency, etc.

Detailed Log Trace

Comprehensive error trace logs with error logging and search by date and users

Audit and Admin Logs

Log implementation using HDFS and scribe-HDSF with the backup of logs at a specified frequency

Dashboards and Reports

Multiple dashboards and reports for backend admin users

Why 'arttha'?

Faster GTM

Out of the box configurable features allowing quick launch

User Experience

Seamless omni-channel experience for customer delight

Converged Platform

A single unified fintech solution for all your business needs

Open APIs

Creating an ecosystem for greater adoption and interoperability

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